Had your salad today? Eating salad regularly is one of the simplest and healthiest habits you can adopt. It is super-convenient to work in a couple of vegetables or fruits. Not only are they super healthy but are also cool, crunchy, and fun to eat. A chicken salad might be your favorite lunchtime staple.

An easy way to make your chicken salad healthier is to add fresh green veggies to it. You can opt for a chicken sandwich or chicken salad if you want to have healthy food in Miami.  You can swap out the mayonnaise and use alternate ingredients like yogurt, avocado, or lemon juice to cut down the calories of chicken salad.

You can even reduce the caloric load of your salad by ditching the bread and serving it over leafy greens. Boost the nutrition of your salad by sneaking ingredients like fruits, seeds, and nuts. Order a salad now if you want to eat healthy food in Miami as this light yet yummy salad fits perfectly in your bill.