Have you ever dined in a French restaurant with your loved one? If yes, chances are you’ve been served a baguette. It is generally served as an appetizer or part of the main course. You can enjoy baguettes as it is or can have them with balsamic vinegar dip. The most popular item to pair baguettes with is garlic, olive oil, tomato, and basil.

This classic French appetizer will leave you and your loved one drooling. For surprising your lassie you can add a creative spin on baguettes by making them into bread puddings. There is simply no limit to your imagination when it comes to impressing your damsel.

The folate present in French bread activates enzymes that metabolize amino acids. It is necessary for the normal growth of new cells. If you lady is pregnant that these French loafs will prevent birth defects of the brain and spinal cord of the unborn. It also keeps your heart healthy by removing homocysteine from your blood. Spend an amazing morning with your loved one and baguette in Miami. Make her feel you are in Paris while being in Miami.