Pet Friendly Restaurant in Miami

For animal lovers, a meal at their preferred restaurant in the company of a four-legged friend is a perfect treat. Research studies have shown that 44% of Florida's population owns a dog. Although not all people are inclined to bring their pets to a restaurant there is still a significant market opportunity. A pet-friendly restaurant [...]

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Best Soup on Town

Our Soup Menu is filled with creamy, savory and delicious  hearty soups prepared fresh daily.

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Best Sandwich Bar in Miami

I love hidden little treasures like this one.  I had a wonderful sandwich and a salad salad for my girlfriend. This place is small and the parking is hard to find but don't worry once you do there is plenty of parking for you.  It is definitely a place to go for a nice lunch.

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Chef Michael Vega

Each member of our staff is well trained in the culinary arts, Cane A Sucre gourmet menu and has a deep passion for creative a unique sandwich experience where they do not just cook food but create an experience to remember.

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Enjoy gourmet sandwiches at Cane a Sucre in North Miami

Linda Bladholm 5/8/2012 Cane a Sucre, a Design District favorite done in six years ago by road construction and rent hikes, has been reborn as a gourmet sandwich bar in North Miami. Its new incarnation opened four months ago offering affordable sandwiches and burgers on ciabatta bread or brioche buns, salads and desserts in the [...]

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