Want to know a simple yet delicious way of serving your vegetables per day? Put together a big bowl of salad. One bowl of salad is a perfect way to get your daily servings of vegetables. Visit your dietician today to get some tips regarding creating endless salad combinations.

The right salad ingredients are the most effective way to get antioxidants, minerals, fiber, protein, and fats. Consuming about 60 grams of salads daily can increase your lifespan by two years. The nutrient-filled best salads in Miami can leave you feeling full and keep your flat-belly goals strong.

Replacing a high-calorie meal with a healthy salad is a good way to slim down. Always use salad toppings that are full of nutrients and flavors. Beans and leafy greens make an excellent salad base. Do not get afraid to experiment with the way you chop your greens. Vegetables should be the most plentiful component in your diet-friendly salad. To get a variety of flavors add roasted or raw vegetables of a different color.