At Cane A Sucre Gourmet Sandwich Bar, we take pride in our products! is simple but rich in Salads, Sandwiches, Soups and others. Our chicken is free range and hormone free, and all of our beef is 100% organic from Harris Ranch, California. Cane A Sucre was created by a chef-and-artist team, both of whom are dedicated to bringing you a unique Sandwich Bar experience. Our philosophy is to produce everything from scratch, so that we can offer artisanal gourmet dishes that showcase the fresh ingredients, all served in an otherworldly environment. We hope you enjoy our creation as much as we do!

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Not sure you have your eye on the perfect piece for your lunch? We can help with that to bringing you a unique SANDWICH BAR EXPERIENCE.

We’re passionate about making perfect sandwiches also accessible for all food enthusiasts.