For animal lovers, a meal at their preferred restaurant in the company of a four-legged friend is a perfect treat. Research studies have shown that 44% of Florida’s population owns a dog. Although not all people are inclined to bring their pets to a restaurant there is still a significant market opportunity.

A pet-friendly restaurant in Miami follows specific rules to ensure food safety in pet friendly settings. Local laws usually specify what is tolerable in dog-friendly establishments. Restaurants may need to acquire a permit before they can puff as dog-friendly. The doggie dining ordinance in Florida stipulates that dogs must be kept on a leash and cannot use furniture.

Dog-friendly restaurants have outdoor spaces with clear signage for dog entrance. Pet friendly restaurant in Miami also provides complimentary services that help patrons and their dogs feel welcome. Irrespective of the marketing strategies food safety remains the key concern to gain long-term customer loyalty. They must work towards preventing cross-contamination from pets to humans and vice-versa.